All Pause to read about our latest work with BCG

UNIT recently teamed up with Dark Energy to deliver the post-production for the Betting and Gambling Council’s new commercial, ‘All Pause’.

The spot features a number of people going about their everyday lives, taking time to pause and think about their actions before gaming and/or gambling. And before anyone thinks to refresh their browser, the actors are supposed to be frozen in time whilst the world around them continues, thanks to some impressive work from our team here at UNIT. When they return to real-time, the world is as it was, encouraging players to pause before they play.

UNIT delivered the VFX, colour, sound design and online for the commercial, which according to LBB, was “handled brilliantly”.

Click here to watch All Pause


Agency: Come The Glorious Day

Creative Lead: Matt Anderson & Steve Nicholls

Production Company: Dark Energy

Director: Matt Huntley

DoP: Carl Burke

Art Director: Sam Clark Hall

Producer: Alan Tranquir

UNIT Studios

2D: Jonathan Box, Rob Ellis & Scott Ryan

Colour: Denny Cooper

Sound Design: Hannah Webster

Online: Jonathon Box – lead

Executive Producer: Ian Luxford

Producer: Tania De Sousa