It’s December and raining in London. “Jon – fancy attending a shoot in South Africa with Mehdi?”.

Nice work if you can get it – and we did! What our VFX Supervisor didn’t fancy was to be met by the same weather on set. So adding day for night into the mix of clean-up, rig removal, environment rebuilds and matte painting posed no problem for Jon and the team back at Unit.

The result is a seamless choreographed flow of the most impressive moves you’re ever likely to see whilst waiting for the traffic lights to go green and a masterclass in the art of invisible fx.


Agency: Glue Isobar
Agency producer: Henry Huang
Production Company: RSA
Director: Mehdi Norowzian
Prod Co producer: Lisa Joseph
Unit post crew:
Producer: Dan Love
VFX Supervisor: Jon Berridge
Nuke: Stirling Archibald, James Smith, Tim Crabtree