Brighten up your day with a ‘Winter Smile’

UNIT has teamed up with Adam & Eve DDB to deliver the post-production on Lipton’s new campaign, Winter Smile.

The Brief: deliver 20”, 15” and 6” ads for TV and Social Media played out in France and Poland.

The animated spot begins on a freezing cold, blustery winter day. One of those days you just don’t want to be walking around in. A girl purchases a drink from a vending machine causing a Lipton Ice Tea to move to the front of the queue. As it reaches the front of the rack, its smile aligns perfectly with another Lipton bottle next to it. This moment changes everything! The sun breaks through the thick cloud and bold vibrant colours completely change the mood, ensuring Winter Smiles all around.

UNIT delivered all the post for the spot, including the 3D character design and animation, 2D, Colour and Sound. Our Creative Director, Tom Wansbrough-Jones, was the creative lead and comments on UNIT’s contribution to the spot:

These Lipton films were so much fun to get involved with! From pitch to final film, we created everything! We designed, rigged and animated the 3D characters. Concepted and built the environment and vending machine. Used X-particles to simulate the snow, Redshift to render to final look, and then comped it all in After Effects. Sound design was key to add depth to each shot and Grade to bring the whole film together! A great collaboration to bring together something that gives a feeling of connectivity and fun for Lipton as a brand. It was a real pleasure working with the creatives from Adam & Eve as they gave us the trust to bring our ideas to life throughout the whole process.”

Tom Wansbrough-Jones


Client: Lipton
Title: Winter Smile

Agency:  Adam & Eve DDB
Agency Producer: Rose Reynolds & Carrie Moores
Creatives: Bradley Woolf, Daniel Bailey & Jacob Grandt
Account Director: Pablo Arango
Account Manager: Henry Rycroft

2D lead: Tom Wansbrough-Jones
3D Character Design and Animation: Russ Etheridge & Milo Targett
3D Animation: Tom Wansbrough-Jones, Jeremy Djaffer & Pav Ivanoc
Colour: Denny Cooper
Sound Design: Jamie Thomas
Sound Mix: Hannah Webster
Producer: Tania De Sousa