Business as un-usual but working remotely for the UNIT Team.

In these challenging times it is vital not to lose sight of what is important. Our primary concern is the health of our staff and our clients. Therefore the whole business is fully operative working remotely from home as of today.

We have invested a great deal of time and resource in our technical infrastructure to ensure that we continue to work in the most efficient way. This will allow us not only to maintain our high creative standards but also make sure that everyone is working as happily and healthily as possible.

We are now completely remote from home across all departments – VFX, CG, Nuke, Animation, Design, Sound, Colour, Online and Film & TV. Despite being spread across London and beyond, our team is still continuing to deliver for our clients and keep the UNIT spirit alive.

Despite this being such a difficult time for the industry as we all navigate the effects of COVID-19, with so many shoots being postponed or even cancelled – our remote working set ups allow us to respond as remote creative partners to help with all real live post and design needs.

Our Creative Directors and artists are poised and ready to help create what may normally be shot for real in camera, replacing missing elements or working to adapt ideas to fit around the current situation.

In addition most post production difficulties come in the transference of media between disciplines – that is to say between the VFX house, the Offline house and the Audio house. It can be complicated and laden with technical issues. With remote working this becomes even more complex, escalating error rates and becoming much more time intensive.

However, at UNIT we are in a unique position with our systems already talking across the web as we are a full post solution offering. One producer liaises across 2D, 3D, Design, Grade, Audio and Offline.

We have also put in place a fully decentralised solution with clever workflows and remote systems to include CineSync, Aspira and FTP ensuring the safety of the team, our clients and studio is upheld.

We’re here to fully support remotely as a nimble, solution orientated, creative partner.


The latest has been sharing each of our working from home set ups with one another – with our Film & TV Head of Creatures & Characters (Assets and Textures), Adam Dewhirst putting us all to shame with his garden shed set up. One to rival that of our favourite recent ad for Starling Bank featuring a flying shed!

Adam Dewhirst, Head of Creatures & Characters
Ian Baker, Flame Artist and Léna Belmonte
Will Davies, VFX Artist & Havery David, Nuke Compositor
Mark Harris, VFX Supervisor & Rob Ellis, Flame Artist
Tom Wansbrough-Jones, Creative Director & Jamie Thomas, Sound Designer
Isabella Wakley, Producer & Michael Elson, Managing Director Film & TV