Idris Elba: No Limits Promo

As one of the world’s top actors, Hollywood superstar Idris Elba has the world at his feet. An experienced driver, he does all his own stunts, and is no stranger to a dramatic and high-speed car chase.

In this brand new four-part series, Idris Elba: No Limits follows him as he pushes himself to the max to master some of the toughest speed disciplines in the world, before taking to both land and air to participate in some of the most fiercely fought competitions in sport.

For the promo of this show, UNIT worked closely with Discovery director Meriem Adib to create a bespoke track for the online version, which also aired on Sky and EuroSport. UNIT audio engineer Jamie Thomas collaborated with UNIT producers Millie Easton and Ross Culligan, using bass, guitar and drums to design and create a track to reflect the intense yet adrenaline fuelled commercial. Chris Southwell completed all sound design on this promo.


Client: Discovery
Director: Meriem Adib


Audio: Jamie Thomas & Chris Southwell
Producer: Millie Easton