The Infiniti Q30 launch film originally commissioned by TBWA for the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show launch, has seen its North American debut at the LA Auto Show.

Unit’s team of CG and VFX artists created a beautifully cinematic sequence, further enhancing the original creative for the LA launch.

An exploration into the mind of Infiniti’s Executive Designer Alfonso Albaisa, the film immerses the viewer into a dynamic sensory journey, a flight through the design process represented by an abstract CG environment of dispersing and regenerating illustrative particles, an emotional maelstom of creativity pulsing and shifting within its own universe.


Agency: TBWA
Executive Creative Director: Jay Fretwell
Production Company: Luma
Executive Producer: Amanda Harvey


Unit Producer: Jon Murray
Creative Lead / Nuke: Stirling Archibald
Nuke: Tim Crabtree
Design: James Primhak, Emma Kingsnorth
Sound: Chris Southwell
Launch: LA Auto Show November 22nd 2013