LBBOL : Sound designer, Jamie Thomas Named ‘Head of Sound’ at UNIT Studios LDN

UNIT is thrilled to announce that Jamie Thomas, UNIT’s senior sound designer,  has been promoted to ‘Head of Sound.’ Jamie boasts over 20 years in the industry, with the last 9 years here at UNIT.

Possessing experience across both sound design and music composition, Jamie has had the privilege of working on some outstanding pieces. Notable campaigns and brands include ‘This Girl Can’ and ‘Johnnie Walker’, as well as mixing for broadcasters including SKY, BBC, ITV and showcasing his exceptional music composition skills in that all important superbowl Ad! Jamie has won various awards throughout his career, such as winning a Gold Promax Award for his sound design on the Sky Atlantic series ‘Gomorrah.’

Jamie began his journey in 2002, having attended college to study Sound Engineering.  His ambition being all things music he rapidly found similar minded individuals to set up a music studio in a friend’s garage. 

After a stint of making and producing music Jamie applied for several jobs in the sound engineering industry and fell into the world of post production. Jamie instantly found his calling…The idea of working on a blank canvas, honing his craft to bring his clients visions to life really excited him. Jamie’s skills lie not only in his impeccable sound design and music composition but in also gaining trust from his clients in a relaxed and collaborative way with directors and creatives.  Bringing them into the fold, working cohesively, listening, sharing opinions. This, he says, is where the magic is found. Building close relationships with his clients is equally as important to Jamie as the end result.  “When you are truly connected, you share the same vision and this in turn becomes evident in the final piece” 

Jamie’s approach;  

UNIT’s Head Of Sound, Jamie Thomas comments. I’m thrilled to have been given this chance to really move the sound team here forward. I’m a great believer in promoting new talent from within. Having been given the opportunity to prove myself when I was younger – as well as being allowed to learn in a constructive way – I feel the best way to grow a team is with great foundations. You never stop learning and I’d like to take that attitude into the future. Enthusiasm is key and that’s what I’m going to be focusing on.  (As well as a love for all things sound, obviously!!)”

Music runs through Jamie’s veins and like all exceptional artists, he is obsessed with the craft. When not in the studio, you will find him creating and writing music for his own personal projects. This provides a platform to experiment and evolve his skill set ensuring he is working beyond the curve. 

Blending the latest techniques and technologies ensures that Jamies is always  developing and expanding his skills. Whenever Jamie gets a project and receives the music he’ll always set the tempo of the session to the tempo of the music, meaning when he uses materials like delays on the sound effects, they are always in time with the music rather than a standard 100 bpm. 

Within Jamie’s new role as ‘Head of Sound’ he aims to implement some developments to the team, one of these being keeping himself and the team consistently up to date on new technology and how this can be used to further amplify the sound design process. In an ever changing world, keeping on top of new technological advances is highly important to the craft and expansion of UNIT, as a company and the sound design team itself.  Another change Jamie desires to implement is giving more exposure to the sound design team itself. Highlighting each sound engineer and the amazing projects they are currently working on. 

UNIT Managing Director Ian Luxford comments. “I am delighted that Jamie is stepping into the leadership team and excited to work alongside him. Our very own sound alchemist extraordinaire has been at the forefront of UNIT’s sound team for over nine years, inspiring UNIT’s sound engineers of the future with his creativity, passion and enthusiasm for the craft. Alongside his passion, he’s an incredibly talented and gifted engineer. The multiple sound design nominations and his most recent win at The Promax awards for his design work on SKY Atlantic’s hard hitting drama series Gomorrah, are testament to this.”