Let UNIT ‘Delight your Senses’ with Baileys Delight

Teaming up with VLMY&R and SomeSuch, UNIT delivers the post-production for the new Baileys commercial, Delight.

Let’s forget about the miserable weather as of recent and set our sights on summer – if this commercial doesn’t excite you for the warmer season then nothing will!

The spot begins with an ice cold bottle of Baileys being cracked open before a slo-mo of the liquor being poured into a glass. The spot then portrays a group of 5 friends enjoying their glasses of Baileys, at which point the music picks up giving the commercial a party-esque element.

UNIT made several different versions for different countries, which included different bottles in a wide array of aspect ratios. There was also an indoor and outdoor version created for each country to enhance the fact that Baileys can be enjoyed in any environment. Our 2D team further enhanced this summer vibe, by use of speed ramps adding to the party atmosphere, creating a great energy. The branding of the bottle was especially important as it appears a considerable amount, therefore the beauty work helped make the labels stand out more. A touch of condensation was also added to the glasses and bottles to give the drink that extra cool look. UNIT’s colourists Denny Cooper and Nick Dalby then provided the spot with a grade that screams summer.

From an audio perspective, the spot touches on ASMR, centralising the focus on Baileys. From the crack of the bottle opening, to the satisfying pour of the liquor, and the harmonious clink of the glasses, Baileys is not the only thing to “Delight your Senses” but also UNIT’s VFX artistry.

UNIT’s Sound Designer, Hannah Webster, further comments on the value that sound design adds to this spot:

The sound design complements the hyperfocus on Baileys; every crack and pour had to be satisfying, elegant and rich – much like the liquor. The crack of the bottle in particular gives the spot a depth resembling the satisfaction of opening up a bottle.”

Hannah Webster, Sound Designer


Agency: VLMY&R
Agency Producer: Layla Boyd
Creatives: Kerry Donnelly & Zoe Davies

Production Company: SomeSuch
Director: Femi Ladi

2D Lead: Fraser Cleland
2D: Rob Ellis & Matt Rowley
Grade: Denny Cooper & Nick Dalby
Sound Design: Hannah Webster & Rick Morris
Producer: Wil Male & Tania De Sousa