New Year, New UNIT

At UNIT, sustainability is one of our key pillars and as such, we have made a real effort to do what we can for the environment. Below is some information detailing what we at UNIT have done to tackle the environmental issues we are faced with today. 

Firstly, we ensure we work with like-minded companies, such as our cleaning service provider K.Burrett Cleaning Services Ltd. We have worked with K.Burrett ever since we moved to Berners Mews; not only are they fantastic at what they do, but they also share our views on sustainability. K.Burrett supply us with eco-friendly sustainable cleaning products, such as recycled bamboo hand towels which we recently purchased and use across all of the toilets in our facility. K.Burrett help us reduce our carbon footprint by both using and providing sustainable equipment, and also by ensuring that the companies they purchase from are also sustainability-driven. For example, courtesy of K.Burrett, we have been receiving a cleaning solution from Solupak, whose products are all zero waste. Their cleaning solution is made by adding a ‘tab’ to water, avoiding unnecessary single-use plastic bottles.
In addition to our cleaning service provider, we ourselves use First Mile – a business waste collection company that sends nothing to landfills.
We also use Opus Energy due to their 100% renewable energy. 

Beyond this, we have just started purchasing lager from Brewdog, who have managed to attain carbon negative status, meaning they remove twice as much carbon from the air as they emit – an amazing achievement. They use renewable energy to brew their beer and in 2023, they will begin planting trees embarking on one of the largest reforestation projects the UK has ever seen.

UNIT believes that the above companies all replicate our beliefs when it comes to sustainability, which is why we have and continue to work with and purchase from these organisations. Moving forward, we have already begun to seek further opportunities to implement more sustainable practises into our business, so watch this space.