‘Go(lf) High’, with the new OPPO A96

Working in collaboration with Kode Media, UNIT delivered the 2D and Grade for Oppo’s new commercial, Golf High for their new phone the A96.

The spot begins outside a hairdressers, before cutting to the inside, displaying the device’s scratch-proof properties. We then transition to present the phone’s quick charging capabilities, before showing-off the long-lasting battery life, which features some great lighting shots during a cyclist’s commute.

The commercial was produced by Kode Media and directed by duo at The Queen (Crinan Campbel & Dan Lamb), before UNIT got hands on, with Fraser Cleland heading up our 2D team. We created two master versions, which included phone comps, beauty work, clean up and stabilising. As a large majority of shots are all very close in, the level of detail in what went into the phone and laptop screens had to be very precise. This was also the case across the whole edit as it was requested that the positioning of the phones between cuts were to match seamlessly. After the 30sec versions were approved, we created three 15second masters. All masters were then made in a 16×9 and a 1×1 format. UNIT’s 2D Lead, Fraser Cleland, writes:

I had a great team on this, with Rob Ellis, Ian Baker and Alec Eves all helping out with the comp work. Tricky job, but I think we went above and beyond with what we were initially asked to do, with the films all looking really nice in the end.”

Fraser Cleland

Grading the latest Oppo ad was a case of enhancing the colours and details that had been beautiful and considerately crafted in the set design by the super talented directing duo Dan and Crinan, who make up The Queen.”

Denny Cooper


Client: Oppo
Title: Golf High

Production Company: Kode Media
Director: The Queen (Crinan Campbel & Dan Lamb)
Producer: Elliott Tagg
DOP: Tim Green
Executive Producer: Alex Harman

2D Lead: Fraser Cleland
2D Artists: Rob Ellis, Alec Eves & Ian Baker
Colour: Denny Cooper
Producer: Abi Klimaszewska & Sarah Antrobus