Sensational spot for Walkers Sensations

Teaming up with Sips & Bites, Outsider and directing duo Blok, UNIT delivered the post-production for Walkers Sensations’ new commercial, Jubilee

The spot celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and features British TV personality Georgia Toffolo (also known as Toff) – notoriously known for being posh. The commercial begins with Toff eating some Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations out of a crown, on a sofa, carried by a couple of footmen… and if that’s not posh enough, the spot then zooms out to reveal a man with a trumpet on a horse, a fancy hedge trimming, a portrait, about a dozen Corgis and a croquet set, all in front of a stately home backdrop! It makes for the perfect set celebrating both the Queen’s Jubilee and also the launch of two new limited-edition Walkers Sensations flavours.

UNIT were tasked with transforming a north London studio into a lavish country estate. Rather than using stock imagery to form the background, we visited a stately home to capture bespoke stills, giving us the ability to closely match lighting and camera angles. These were then combined and manipulated to form the final landscape. The edit is made up of various elements mentioned previously, such as the Corgis, footmen and men on horseback, which were each shot separately against a blue screen and pieced together in post.

Our Nuke Compositors, Leire Eatock and Keith Wallis were the ones tasked with comping these individual shots in front of the stately home. They also added in The Red Arrows as well as a smoke trail left behind in the colours of the Union Jack. Most of the grade and heavy lifting was done prior to reaching UNIT’s Creative Director of Colour, Denny Cooper, accentuating the magic hour created. Denny then added some contrast and saturation; pair this with some window tracking and a consistent look and feel was achieved throughout the commercial.

UNIT’s Sound Designer Hannah Webster recorded the VO and also cleaned up the onset sync. She then added in an array of sound design; the *crunch* of the crisp – which she recorded herself (any excuse to have a packet of crisps); the trumpet being blown; the dogs running on gravel; and an occasional *woof*, which all helped to add depth to the spot, bringing it to life aurally. 

VFX Lead, Jonathan Box comments:

It was great to collaborate with Blok again and a great opportunity for us to experiment trying out different ways to create a vibrant impactful look


Client: Walkers Sensations
Title: Jubilee

Agency: Sips & Bites
Producer: Lia Nicholls
Senior Art Director: Lauren Kennington
Senior Copywriter: Jules Mortimor
Creative: Matt Watson

Production Company: Outsider
Director: BLOK
Producer: Gareth Francis
Production Manager: Tom Martin
Production Assistant: Grace Clayton & Jamie Thornham

VFX Lead: Jonathon Box
Nuke: Leire Eatock & Keith Wallis
Colour: Denny Cooper
Sound Design: Hannah Webster
Producer: Abi Klimaszewska & Wil Male