Hannah Webster

Sound Designer

After starting as a runner in 2013, Hannah has now returned to UNIT as a fully fledged Sound Designer. During her stint outside of UNIT, she worked at one of the top sound studios in Soho, working on a variety of projects from dubbing work for Nickelodeon Animations, to online content for Red Bull and working on the recent feature length documentary about Audrey Hepburn; Audrey (2020). Hannah loves getting hands on, recording foley whenever she can for whatever project is at hand.

She loves animation, being warm and dogs; so any pups who may want to attend an audio session with her are warmly invited – she may even get them to do some foley!

Outside of work also has been learning how to throw pots over the past year and adores pottery throwdown. Her house is currently full of okay-to-poorly thrown pots, and hopes that they’ll be a few better thrown ones in the future.