Striking short film proving that ‘All The Little Things’ add up

UNIT’s Creative Director of Colour, Denny Cooper, delivered the grade for Meena Ayittey’s thought-provoking short film, ‘All The Little Things’. 

Written and directed by Meena Ayittey, ‘All The Little Things’ is an original idea courtesy of Christopher Medford and Bethany Jones. The film addresses microaggressions within the advertising industry, and how constant exposure to such aggressions can have lasting effects on an individual. 

The protagonist, Adae, is shown being exposed to such microaggressions, from repeatedly being called by the wrong name, to criticisms of his work, and even being mistaken for somebody else. The effects on Adae are physically apparent, with cuts on his body representing the sharp microaggressions directed towards him. 

Having worked on Meena Ayittey’s previous short film ‘And I Shall Rise’ (watch it here), Denny Cooper was eager to collaborate again, adding cold tones to the shots, in tune with the nature of the film.

Once again, it was great to collaborate with the wonderfully talented director Meena Ayittey on such poignant film that I’m sure will resonate with many people in our industry. I hope people take heed of the message! 

Denny Cooper, UNIT’s Director of Colour


Director: Meena Ayittey

Executive Producers: Davina Rajoopillai, Laura Gregory, Kate Phillips, Dino Myers-Lamptey & Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego

Sound: Liam Conwell

Creative Team: Christopher Medford<br>Bethany Jones

Colour: Denny Cooper

Producer: Tania De Sousa