Tennent’s Lager ‘Ooft’ receives 5 stars on David Reviews!!

Tennent’s Lager, Scotland’s favourite and best-selling beer brand is back on our screens with an ‘Oooft’! A super project to be involved in and a real team effort, grade, audio and vfx all completed under the one roof.

We are incredibly proud of the whole UNIT team and a huge congratulations to everyone involved!

“Ooft’ is one of those versatile linguistic expressions which is somehow intangible and infinitely useable all at once. The Scottish exhalation can be an expression of approval, dismay, surprise, commiseration, and delight, depending entirely on the intent of the person using it… and whether or not they’ve just been presented with their mate’s hideous new mullet.” David Reviews.

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Watch Tennent’s Lager ‘Ooft’ here.