UNIT attend screening of ‘This Girl Can’ at the BFI

The team from UNIT attended the BFI this morning to watch the first official screening of ‘This Girl Can.’ Now in it’s fifth year, Sport England have released another inspiring campaign promoting the unfiltered reality of women being active.

The campaign confronts how society must change it’s perception to accomodate all women being active, celebrating celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds. Sport England also shows that there are a host of new barriers that need addressing in 2020. We’re moving beyond just covering the emotional and practical barriers that might stop women from being active – we’re now tackling societal barriers that can prevent women from feeling like they can join in.

“When This Girl Can launched it was considered trailblazing for the way it showed women getting active in a raw and real way. And while marketing campaigns for sport and physical activity are far more diverse and relatable now, there’s still a long way to go before they are reflecting the reality of
people’s lives. With the new campaign we’re showing topics that are part of the everyday for women – challenges they can relate to. We’ve seen the powerful effect this can have in giving women more confidence with previous campaigns, and will continue to advocate for better provision and share insight with the sport and physical activity sector on how to address the gender gap.”

– Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England.

The campaign does not only include the important topic of self esteem and body image – but wider topics are also discussed, from menopause to support networks to disability and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

For example, Kirsti, a mother of three, finds time to be herself by playing netball regularly, and is partly able to do so because of the support of her partner and the people around her; Hannah has come to feel more comfortable with her body and care less about other’s judgements by using exercise to help manage menstrual pains; and Glynnis has been able to rediscover her love of swimming and build up her self-confidence in the pool thanks to facilities and family members who support and cheer her on.

The team at UNIT studios worked across Sound, Colour and 2D on this inspirating ad, with sound design from Jamie Thomas, Grade by Nick Dalby and 2D by Ian Baker and Rob Ellis.

For more information about This Girl Can click here