UNIT Bake Off S2!!!

The UNIT bake off returned for a second season today with lots of the staff getting involved & bringing in their delicious bakes. We had a wide selection of different brownies, cakes and even a Tarte Tatin. 

Our three expert UNIT Judges , Ian Luxford, Matt Rowley & Denny Cooper finished trying each bake and carefully deciding 3rd, 2nd & 1st place…. 

In 3rd place was Tania De Sousa with her Gooey Cheesecake brownies. Coming in 2nd place was William Luckwell with his tasty choc chip banana bread. In first place overall winning the UNIT Bake off S2 was…Isabella Wakley with her delicious Guiness Cake. Congratulations to all three!! 

As always a huge thank you to the UNIT Team for getting involved… Here’s to S3!!!