UNIT Colourist Nick Dalby grades ‘Ocean of the Future’ for Greenpeace UK

We are super proud to have collaborated on such an important and global poignant campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather for Greenpeace UK.

The film ‘Ocean of the Future’, which was directed by Hoi Polloi‘s Chris Hugall, was deservedly awarded the Ad of the Day accolade in The Drum.

As the war on plastic rubbish and waste intensifies, the film showcases a group of children visiting their local aquarium and instead of being treated to enchanting oceanic life are dismayed to see discarded plastic shopping bags and bottles floating around in the water.

UNIT Colourist Nick Dalby graded the film comments, “This was a great opportunity to be part of a project with a subject that means so much to many of us and our environment, while being such a beautiful and clever way to get the message across. Deep blues and clear bright colours were the order of the day, bringing out the elements of plastic floating through an aquarium and accentuating the reactions on the children’s faces’.