UNIT creates latest Citroen C4 campaign

UNIT was delighted to be selected to work alongside Havas and Rogue for the latest Citroen C4 ‘Cactus’ films. Shot by Saam Farahmand the 40, 30 and 5 section commercials have been created for TV and cinema.

Presenting a fresh take on the car commercial, the viewer is taken on an expedition across wide, sun kissed vistas and what appear to be almost lunar like landscapes. As the camera pulls back it’s revealed that we have actually been journeying and exploring over the contours and bodywork of the new Citroen C4.

The illusion is a beautiful and intriguing one befitting the new car.

UNIT worked on all aspects of the film from grade to VFX and once more reflects the excellent capabilities of the growing team.


Agency: Havas
Creative Director: Russell Schaller
Producer: Sam Myers
Producer: Prakash Nathan
Prod Co: Rogue
Director: Saam Farahmand
Producer: Maddy Easton


Grade: Stephan Gatti
Lead VFX: Nick John
VFX: Rob Ellis, Richard Harris, Groucho, Vicki Gordon, George Rockliffe, Sandra Roach
MGFX: Paddy Lerwill
Audio: Chris Southwell
Producer: Alison Wendt