UNIT Delivers Full Post Production on New Western European Huawei campaign for the new P20 Pro

Following on from the hugely successful ‘Don’t Snap, Shoot’ fand the Mate 10 Pro films launched last year for Huawei, UNIT were delighted to be asked to collaborate again on the brand’s latest campaign and deliver post-production including grade, audio sound design and online.

Created by FCB Inferno, this extensive West European TV campaign for Huawei showcases the new P20 Pro android phone powered by AI.

These stylish and dynamic films were superbly bought to life by Believe Media director Anders Jedenfors.

UNIT’s Head of Colour, Denny Cooper, notes on grading the films, ‘Alot of the film was shot at dusk and at night, so we started with these shots to create a look that bought out the natural colours and played with the contrast to enhance the feel and to give the piece a filmic tone. It was then a case of working on the daylight shots to fit them in and create consistency throughout the film’.

 On creating the sound design UNIT’s Senior Sound Designer Jamie Thomas notes, It was great to work with such an open-minded team that really allowed us to explore all avenues with the sound design.

 Originally, we had a much more nuanced ‘journey’ through the various environments allowing for more ambitious sound design which worked well as a standalone piece but needed something to drive it forward. 

 Using the music chosen by the client, we pushed some of the sound design to the back but given the ferocity and driving force of the track this was the right thing to do and allowed the sound design to dip in and out as opposed to fighting the music’.

Alec Eves, from UNIT’s VFX department finishes, ‘It was great to again work with team at FCB Inferno and Believe Media on the launch of the new Huawei P20 ACE. With the complexity of a big brand launch, and many different deliverables across Europe, we had a lot of work to do on showcasing the phone’s new features. The numerous new camera modes were the main thrust of the campaign and this meant making sure they were all clearly and correctly displayed in each of the sequences, as well as making the devices look beautiful and stand out in the shot environments. The job was definitely made easier by having an experienced team, who have worked with Huawei on previous campaigns, looking after the shoot and production.’