UNIT Delivers Sound Design on Channel 5’s rebranded kids channel Milkshake

UNIT’s Broadcast & Branding department recently collaborated with Channel 5 to deliver the Sound Design on the rebrand of the channel’s popular children’s channel ‘Milkshake’.

On working on the project Gez Lloyd, UNIT’s Senior Sound Designer comments, “I’ve worked with the very talented Yeen and Sylwia on many projects before and I’d helped them out with some sound on their initial pitch animation, so I knew this was going to be a really nice fun job.  The overall look was hand-drawn and the sound brief was to augment that feel, keeping it natural with real recorded sounds, so anything synthesized or electronic was out of bounds. Also it had to blend with the new acoustic arrangement of the familiar Milkshake music.  We recorded a fair bit of stuff; grass and plants, percussion instruments, pencil scribbles, paper rustling and as I have children who watch Milkshake, I had already managed to get a few chuckles and other vocal sounds from them in the mix too.  Apart from the main Opener and Closer there were a lot of other graphic elements to create bespoke sound for, short stings, bumpers and overlays to interact with the presenters.  All in all, alot of fun content on alot of individual spots”.