UNIT go to the clouds with GoCompare

Teaming up with PI Network Films, UNIT delivered the grade and online for GoCompare’s latest new spot, Ladder.

Ladder marks the first GoCompare commercial post-COVID to feature some more adventurous VFX work, quite literally elevating our hero to the clouds! Wynne Evans – otherwise known as the GoCompare man – is shown stacking 2.5 million £1 coins to display how much GoCompare has refunded to their customers.

Fun fact – the stack would be about the same height as Mount Everest!

The commercial was produced by PI Network Films before UNIT got hands on, with Senior Colourist Nick Dalby providing a more natural grade and Flame Artists Rob Ellis and Ian Baker comping all the shots.

It was great to get the team back together on this to create another fun spot for GoCompare. This time we went to the clouds and with my grade I went natural, warm and inviting. For the clouds, I took a cool, winter sun-feel, utilising the shine and enhancing the light bouncing off the coins

Nick Dalby, Senior Colourist

It’s always great fun for myself and Ian to work on GoCompare! The ladder and roof elements had been carefully storyboarded so we knew what we were in for. We’ve worked with creatives Chris & Sian Wilson in the past and it’s always an enjoyable experience. I’m glad I got to remotely view the shoot – great direction, an obedient pigeon and a nicely lit greenscreen made our work a joy! 

Rob Ellis, VFX Artist


Agency: GoCompare
Agency Producer: Pauline Rose
Creative Directors: Chris Wilkins & Siân Wilkins

Production Company: PI Network Films
Director: Ben Sedley
Producer: Kate Arton & Charlotte Fuller

Edit: Loaded Dice
Editor: Simon Wilcox
Sound Mix: Guilt Free Post
Audio Engineer: Chris Morris
Music: Yellow Beat Music
Composer: Philip Jewson
Music Producer: Paul Cartledge

Colour: Nick Dalby
Flame: Ian Baker & Rob Ellis
Producer: Tania De Sousa