UNIT Rebrands TLC with Six Stunning New Idents

UNIT has recently collaborated with the creative team at Discovery to develop a re-brand of their current affairs channel, TLC. Six beautiful idents have evolved from director Meriem Adib’s original treatment and collaboration with Martin Allan and Stirling Archibald of UNIT’s VFX team.

Each ident went through a pre visualisation to work out the camera moves/timings and the high speed action ‘moment’.

For some, the action ‘moment’ was full CG models, inflatable sharks, bouncing glitter balls and a blossoming tree of lights animated and them composited by the Nuke team into live action scenes. Others were full 2D comps of stunning silks spilling from a roll top bath or birds exploding form pillows in a cloud of feathers, all captured in camera at 200 FPS.

The concept of contrasting colour palettes was expertly crafted by colourist Simon Astbury and delivered to the Smoke team to give the finishing touches.

Check out the new look TLC from June 18th.


Client: TLC
Director: Meriem Adib
Producer: Hilde Alver
Creative: Vijay Logan

UNIT Credits

Shoot Supervise: Stirling Archibald & Will Davies
CG Lead: Martin Allan
CG: Mike Little & Will Davies
Grade: Simon Astbury
2D: Alec Eves, Stirling Archibald & Mike Simmonds
Producer: Ross Culligan