UNIT x Camden Town Brewery x Marmite Beer

UNIT recently teamed up with MindsEye to deliver the post-production for Camden Town Brewery and Marmite’s brand new ale.

Yes, you read that right… Camden Town Brewery and Marmite have combined to launch an ale and it has divided opinions, bringing back the old adage of ‘love it or hate it’.

The spot is a remake of the iconic ‘Marmite Kiss’ commercial, where a pair move in for a kiss before one pulls away, repulsed by the taste of Marmite. Likewise in this recent spot, two lovers share a kiss before one breaks off. But this time, it’s the taste of Camden Love Hate Marmite Ale that gets in between the couple – or ex-couple.

The commercial was directed by Eros Vlahos and produced by MindsEye before UNIT delivered the post-production in a typical charming manner.

Senior colourist Nick Dalby beautifully found a colour balance in collaboration with our client. The low-light setting Nick incorporated gives an intimate but inviting feel, adding some texture which makes it all the more immersive. Nick states “the mixture of blue and warm tones coupled with the great expressional faces of the talent made for an engaging and fun ad”.

Our talented sound designer Hannah Webster added an array of audio to enhance the spot, bringing it to life. In addition to adding atmospheric audio, Hannah also foley’d in some motion sounds to match sofa movement and even kissing sounds by kissing her hand! No detail is too small for Hannah’s eye, with the likes of a subtle jangling sound added to correspond with the actor’s chain.


Agency: DraftLine

Agency Producer: Alex Nally

Creatives: James Tyler and Ian Gallis

Production Company: MindsEye

Director: Eros Vlahos

Producer: Max Yeoman

DOP: Dan Stafford Clarke

Production Manager: Daisy Mostyn

2D Lead: Ian Baker

Colour: Nick Dalby

Sound Design: Hannah Webster

Producer: Jo Dawson