UNIT’s Colourist Harry Shelton: Northern Colour Aesthetics and Clear Vision

Embark on a visual journey with our very own Colourist extraordinaire, Harry Shelton, as he paints cinematic magic in Little Black Book Uprising! 

Harry’s vibrant career in colour blossomed from his deep-rooted passion for photography. Guided by his love for portraiture, he meticulously crafts palettes that breathe life into every frame, unveiling immaculate skin tones and authentic hues across a spectrum of projects – from mesmerising Music Promos and captivating Short Films to compelling Branded Content and unforgettable Commercials.

Delve into Harry’s recent triumphs, including his spellbinding work on the Short Film ‘The Eyes of Marge,’ the electrifying ‘Declan Rice joining promo’ for Arsenal, and the awe-inspiring SFA Sports for All, which earned a coveted spot on the shortlist for Best Colour Grading at the esteemed Young Arrow Awards 2023!

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