Volkswagen Passat ‘Invisible Made Visible’

Working in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide and Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), we created a brand new campaign for Volkswagen showcasing the latest state-of-the-art technologies and amazing features of the new VW Passat. Entitled ‘Invisible Made Visible’, the campaign consists of 4 stunning ads that bring together the most advanced car technology with cutting-edge film techniques to tangibly visualize the car’s invisible data and intelligent sensors.

With the assistance of some of film-making’s most advanced technologies and technologists, this innovative campaign uses bespoke software, projection and light to artistically demonstrate each of the Passat’s intelligent systems, as well as achieving a beautiful and engaging aesthetic.

UNIT worked closely with MLF to produce the striking end result; with Unit’s in house editor Ryan Kent completing the cut, our talented colourist Simon Astbury creating the dynamic grade and with finishing in Flame.  This work is a perfect example of how UNIT partners with agencies and production companies to create spectacular and cutting-edge campaigns for brands such as Volkswagen with eye-catching visuals and innovative content.

Watch the clips on YouTube

Volkswagen. The advanced new Passat – Park Assist
Volkswagen. The advanced new Passat – Area View
Volkswagen. The advanced new Passat – City Emergency Braking
Volkswagen. The advanced new Passat – Side Scan
Volkswagen. The advanced new Passat – Behind the scenes

Agency Credits

Agency: Tribal Worldwide
Executive Creative Director: Simon Poett
Agency Creative Director: Victoria Buchanan
Agency Creative: Vik Kanyo
Agency Creative: Maria Arroyo
Business Director: Mike Stern
Account Director: Matthew Harris
Account Manager: Gordo Whittaker
Agency Producer: Daniel Moorey

Production Company Credits

Production Company: Marshmallow Laser Feast
Director: Barney Steel
Executive Producer: Adam Doherty
Producer: Mark Logue
DP: Thomas English

Unit Credits

Offline: Ryan Kent
Grade: Simon Astbury
Lead VFX: Groucho
VFX: George Rockliffe, Tom Moreland & Mark Fowler
Producer: Alison Wendt