YOU ARE HERE (Short Film)
How The Light Gets In


Production Company
You Are Here
Alex Tiernan
Marko Roth
The Fridman Sisters
Edward Copestick
Sebastian Linda
Jesse Lewis Reece
Ryan Schude
Joshua Stabler (Germany)
Pedro Tejada (Brazil)
Will Lambert (UK)
Additional Photography
Jeremy Goold
Executive Producer
Jeremy Goold
Assistant Producer
Luca Antoniazzi
Ellie Johnson @ TENTHREE
Toby Tomkins @ CHEAT
Sound Design
Jack Sedgwick @ WAVE


Design Collective
Tom Wansbrough-Jones
Executive Producer
Pamie Wikstrom
Tania De Sousa


UNIT work with YOU ARE HERE and 7 of their Directors (Alex Tiernan, Marko Roth, The Fridman Sisters, Edward Copestick, Sebastian Linda, Jesse Lewis Reece, Ryan Schude) on a beautifully shot Short Film entitled ‘How The Light Gets In'.

London based You Are Here have created a short film about life under lockdown, shot remotely, using their team of directors around the world. Instead of trying to document all aspects of the experience they focus on one theme - beauty in isolation.

YAH Founder, Jeremy Goold comments, ‘It’s a deliberately visceral, poetic impression of our quarantined lives in different cities, in different countries but focusing on hope and inspiration found in our immediate surroundings, the ephemeral & mundane fabric of our lives, the details we're learning to see in a different light under lockdown.’

In the spirit of ‘We’re all in this together’ he notes, ‘We loved the idea of making a cinematic response to the virus, and approaching it as a collective project. Each director contributing footage that speaks to them personally, and has their stamp on it, but which could contribute towards a single organically- edited short film. From the outset, we started thinking long & hard about how to not let the pandemic depress us all too much - and we decided to curate a Corona Project to keep us focused and united.’

The film is both beautiful and emotive, as the cinematic visuals, combined with a haunting sound track, remind us of the conflicting beauty and isolation of the current crisis. Both of the gifts that we have been given, during this time of reflection and that which have been taken from us, as we wait for a return to ‘normal’.

Goold further comments, ‘We created the overall brief, with each director challenged to shoot remotely, accounting for each territory’s specific restrictions. All of the footage was then collated, often dealing with painfully slow transfer services. We worked with industry leading post talent, to edit, colour, create the soundtrack, titles etc, all working from their own homes. It’s a real demonstration of what can be achieved during these unprecedented times!’

The UNIT Design Collective lead by Creative Director Tom Wansbrough-Jones worked closely to conceive and design the title sequence for the short film.