Hot Chip
Melody Of Love


Record Label
Domino Record Co.
Hot Chip
Nima Nourizadeh
Executive Producer
Bumble Davis
Production Company
Joanna Papayianni
Denny Cooper
Scott Ryan, Milo Patterson, Richard Greenwood, Tom Clapp, Tiago Pereira
Creative Director
Pete Rypstra
Shoot Supervisor
Pete Rypstra & Scott Ryan


Director Nima Nourizadeh makes a return to music videos - teaming up once again with Hot Chip.

Nourizadeh worked very closely with the UNIT VFX team, where we carried out all the head replacement, cosmetic clean up and colour in the video, while our Creative Director of colour Denny Cooper added a low key grade that married Nima's backlog of work with the band, keeping everything as naturalistic as possible.

Our Executive Producer on the project, Bumble Davis says; "Hot Chip are artists that have a lot of love with our team, and combining with directing talent such as Nima's meant it was a very easy decision to jump in on this one. The VFX team that had to work around the clock to carry out the huge amount of 2D work in such tight timings. All those involved were so passionate about the project that they even spilled into their free time to bring it against the clock."