Liverpool Tell Us Never


W+K London
Design Director
Aaron Skipper
Group Account Director
Amber Martin
Account Director
Holly Baker-Cliff
Account Manager
Jordie Wildin
Planning Director
Brian Ritter
James Bennett
Comms Planner
Martin Bassot
Advertising Agency Producer
Richard Adkins
Advertising Agency Production Assistant
Sammy Watts-Stanfield
Production Company
Radical Media
Glenn Kitson
Executive Producer
Emily Rudge
Sorcha Bacon
Edit Company
Trim Editing
Vid Price; Magda Plugowska
Edit Producer
Tatyana Alexandra


2D Lead
Alec Eves
Motion Graphics
Matt Rowley
Denny Cooper
Sound Design
Chris Southwell
Tania De Sousa
Executive Producer
Pamie Wikstrom


It was great to work on a job highlighting the collaboration between two big names in sport. With a number of edits and multiple formats to deliver it was going to be tight.

We managed to work on tests for some of the shots during the offline, which helped massively. However, we still needed almost the whole Flame team working on the job at one point. There were lots of shots going around between the artists, no small task with everyone working from different parts of London or the wider world.

With such a tight schedule and everyone working remotely this could have been a big problem, but our remote setup worked flawlessly and zoom and google meets held the production together. With new and replacement shots arriving right up until the last minute, it was a great team effort from all departments to get everything finished and looking so good in such a short space of time.