BWin - Party Casino
Melon Madness


Agency Producers
Rhun and Ivor Kayne
Chris Gaunt


Design Collective
Matt Rowley, Lloyd Francis, Mark Fowler and Paddy Lerwill
Simon Astbury
Sound Design
Jamie Thomas
Bryan Farrar
Executive Producer
Jonnie Coffin
Tina Daly


UNIT loved working with BWin, to create a set of 30 second ads to launch a new range of games on their Partycasino site - including Melon Madness and Looten' Khamun.

UNIT’s Bryan Farrar was on the green screen shoot cutting the performance to some previz and storyboard frames. He was then also involved in joining together location scenes.

Matt Rowley and the UNIT Design Collective worked on the Motion Graphics to keep almost the whole project within the department. They created the 3D, CG, 2D design and compositing. Work was a combination of Cinema 4D, Realflow and After Effects to create the dice as well as the more involved creative elements of the exploding melons and khamoon backdrop.

In addition Jamie Thomas composed the music and added the sound designs to both spots.