Dining Room

The UNIT team loved working on the new Next ‘Make Yourself At Home’ campaign - closely collaborating with You Are Here, and Directors The Apiary carrying out the post on the 3x 10 sec films.

With everyone spending more time working and living at home Next have launched the new campaign showing how the living room, dining room and bedroom can be further improved by the Next at home range and by ‘just adding you’.

The UNIT team worked on all the VFX for the spots carrying out the live shoot on set VFX supervision, through to all 2D work to bring these films to life. Milo Paterson was the VFX Lead working closely with Ben McIlveen and a colourful grade was carried out by Creative Director of Colour Denny Cooper to make these films pop even further.


Production Company
You are Here

The Apiary

Ten Three


On set shoot VFX Supervisor
Neil Cunningham

VFX 2D Lead
Milo Paterson

Ben McIlveen

Denny Cooper

Executive Producers
Pamie Wikstrom & Alison Wendt

Joanna Papayianni