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Executive Producer
Darryl Bolton


UNIT supports Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Creative Agency FCB Inferno to launch the latest work from their ‘Rescue is my Favourite breed’ platform with a new film showing ‘Rescues to the Rescue’.

The UGC film is a celebration of all the different ways that rescue dogs and cats are helping people cope during lockdown, and driving visibility of rescue pets by highlighting the integral role rescue dogs and cats have played during this unique moment in time, whether helping us work from home, or even joining our workouts. The ad first aired during Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night.

The aim of FCB Inferno’s campaign with Battersea is to transform the way society views rescues, address the misconceptions and bust the myths associated with breed and age, and shift perceptions to reframe the category and stem declining rehoming numbers. With only 25% of dog and cat owners going on to rehome a rescue pet despite 63% of people saying they are likely to rehome from a rescue, the ‘Rescue is my Favourite breed’ Campaign continues to challenge the barriers to adoption.

The film aims to drive visibility and reach during the lockdown period to put Battersea and rescue front of mind and support fundraising activity. The content was created by Battersea’s online community and shows a wide variety of ages and breeds, presenting all rescue dogs and cats in a desirable light and bursting with personality.

UNIT were proud to work closely with FCB Inferno to carry out the post work remotely including a colour grade by Nick Dalby, clean up, titles and online by Ian Baker and Rob Ellis to all the user generated content supplied.