The Letter for The King

The Letter for the King is a new coming-of-age fantasy series which first hit screens last Friday. The new Netflix series, Directed by Felix Thompson, based on a best-selling fantasy novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt, stars Amir Wilson who plays the character of Tiuri, the young knight in training and follows his quest to epic quest to deliver a secret letter to the king and Ruby Serkis.

UNIT Film & TV Producer Duncan Cook comments, "The Letter for the King : Season 1 has been a great project to prove the talent and pipeline of UNIT’s new Film & TV division and establish ourselves with the amazing crew at Netflix. It has been an absolute pleasure to share the journey with all involved. Over the coming months and years we look to build on this early success.”


Production Company

Alex Holmes, Felix Thompson

UNIT Studios

VFX Supervisor
Mark Harris

VFX Producer
Duncan Cook

Igor Gama, Tiago Pereira, Harvey David, James Eatock

Roto and Prep
Yaw Afful

Digital Matte Painting
Carl Edlund, Lizzie Bentley

VFX Editor
Ross Rushforth, Caroline Thorpe