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UNIT's Ben McIlveen comments on his first experience supervising remotely:
'Tesco Mobile was the first shoot I have supervised during lockdown. All was done remotely using a stream from the camera to my computer. This was definitely a learning experience, as all things I would normally do in person such as talking to the props department had to be done by them sending me photos of the box we see in the commercial with no bottom etc. I then had to make sure tracking markers were placed correctly whilst advising over the phone, and needed to check they registered on camera. Being a VFX supervisor is a fine line between getting what you need and not getting in everyone else's way, which became more important whilst working remotely. So sometimes it was hard to know if it was a practise take, live take or playback, but the experience has definitely prepared me for my next virtual shoot supervision.

In terms of doing the actual work it was fine doing all out off the office. After having a meeting with the director and producer we discussed exactly what was needed for the shoot and post beforehand so all was very straightforward.



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