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Creative Post House UNIT collaborates on new Breast Cancer Awareness ‘CoppaFeel!’ campaign

UNIT are proud to have collaborated on this fantastic new ‘CoppaFeel!’ campaign aimed to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

Created by London ad agency Fold7, the ‘Trust Your Touch’ message cleverly uses words such as ‘fiddle, twiddle, jiggle, juggle’ to encourage and reassert the importance of using touch to detect for breast cancer.

The film which was superbly bought to life by Riff Raff director Ivana Bobic, is engaging and playful yet powerful in its irreverent tone.

CoppaFeel! is ground breaking in that it has won the rights to screen the first female uncovered breast in full on British TV in an ad.

“All of us at the facility are extremely proud to have contributed on this campaign to deliver the beautiful grade and online on this fantastic new campaign ‘CoppaFeel!’ notes Executive Producer Emma Watterson.

On grading the campaign, UNIT’s Head of Colour Scott Harris comments, ‘”I’m so proud to have worked on CoppaFeel!, it always feels good to contribute to something so worthwhile. A big thank you to Ivana Bobic from Riff Raff, creative Lucy Aston and all the crew at Fold7. It was a real coming together of like-minded people, and I think it shows in the film we all played our part in making. Thanks guys!”

The campaign runs in daytime TV, Cinema and Digital Posters.