Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Eight for Silver’ is goofy werewolf fun

Around 20 minutes into Sean Ellis’ new werewolf horror-epic Eight for Silver, a man is mounted on to a makeshift crucifix, has his hands and feet severed, and his shirt and pants stuffed with straw. He, a Rom whose caravan has been utterly annihilated by a group of late-19th century French landowners even though the Romani had a claim to the land, is then left to rot in the sun. Beneath him, a woman is buried alive, clutching a talisman she had made when she had foreseen the raid a day or two earlier. Said talisman is a set of dentures, fitted with Wolfen silver teeth, ready and waiting for someone to put them on. Days later, after the entire outpost’s dreams have been infected by haunting visions of the scarecrow man and the teeth buried in the soil, a child seeks them out and puts on the dentures.

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