Gabriel Thomas Directs new for Tel Aviv based ‘Age is a Box’

UNIT Studio’s very own Motion Designer Gabriel Thomas has directed this beautiful piece for Israeli artist Noam Helfer and his musical project ‘Age is a Box’, blending ambient, indie electronics and pop. The track ‘Mountain’ or ‘Har’ in Hebrew, is the final release from their debut album ‘One by One’ which is set to be released on the 2nd of August next year by London based label Needwant.

Gabriel worked closely with Helfer to create this visual journey through enjoyment and self reflection. As well as one of re-connection with the elements of nature through various carefully composed Land Art pieces.

The storyline is based on the lyrics; which depict a transcendent state of mind where the spiritual self is trying to reflect on relativity, harmony, and oneness. With visuals to match which explore the relationships between big, small, macro and micro as well as intelligible forms and their emptiness.

Written in the North of India, the overall tone of the track feels as though you are in another dimension, where time passes differently and where you can connect to the power of nature and allow alternative forces to direct you intuitively. The track allows you to step away from mundane day to day life and shift into a place of serenity, where the body and the metaphorical self are effortlessly able to merge.

Noam has already received recognition from Noisey, Spin and Dummy for his previous solo project ‘Helfer.’ He has been at the forefront of the Tel Aviv electronic music scene for a long time running, known for crafting mercurial soundscapes, the inspired artist’s sound encapsulates the electric atmosphere’s of Nicolas Jaar, Forest Swords, and Bonobo, and the soulful immediacy of Kaytranada and Sylvan Esso.

Despite the entire composition of the video being ‘human-made’ the inspiration actually came from exploring natural landmarks and reinterprets art pieces from celebrated artists such as Richard Long, Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy, and James Turrell;

“We are looking to study and consider nature’s patterns through designed scenes made with computer simulations, procedural generation, algorithmic builds, motion capture and simple 3d digital sculpting. The slow release of visual cues allows a quiet observation, giving time to consider the unfamiliar environment and appreciate every detail of the minimally designed settings.”

When it came to colour palette of the video, Thomas carefully picked the tones to reflect the mood of the characters and add to the mise-en-scene of each part of the story.

The Asian Monk looking figures with their hollow bodies and draped clothes with natural textures are both intricate in the detail but signify a rather more modest way of life. The video itself lets us follow their path of transformation, and we see them finally come to rest, or a meditative stage where the quiet can take place.

Towards the end the peaceful moment comes to an end developing into a next, more agitated stage where the beings move on and become once again part of the natural elements to finally dissolve into ‘nothing’, completing the cycle.

Following the wish to escape a materialistic non-spiritual urban life, Har evokes the longing to return to that same place, where pure joy took place.

Watch the full video for Mountain ‘Har’ here.

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