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UNIT’s Film & TV Division, UNIT Studios, collaborates with Wall to Wall for BBC new series Blitz: The Bombs that Changed Britain

UNIT’s Film & TV Division, UNIT Studios, recently collaborated with Wall to Wall to provide Motion Graphics on the new four-part BBC series Blitz: The Bombs that Changed Britain.  The BBC 2 documentary series looks at the specific effect of four bombs from London, Hull, Clydesdale and Bristol, from their initial impact on individual lives, right through to their wider consequences for the Second World War and beyond to the present day.

The series contains powerful stories from survivors and relatives. The first episode follows a bomb that fell on Martindale Road in the East End of London on the first night of the Blitz in 1940.  It didn’t explode but the relief was to be short-lived as the residents headed to a local school to wait for the buses that were supposed to evacuate them to safety. However, the buses never arrived and the bombers returned with heartbreakingly fatal consequences.  This tragic story is told through first hand testimony, diary excerpts and records kept at the time.

The series was produced by Tim Kirby with Executive Producer Cate Hall. UNIT Studios created Motion Graphics from authentic ordinance survey maps and German reconnaissance photographs and maps from the period. The overall project was created using a combination of 2D and 3D elements built using Cinema 4D and the Adobe suite.


Broadcaster:                            BBC TWO

Production Company:              Wall to Wall

Post Production Company:       UNIT Studios

UNIT Design Team:                Kingsley Harris, Matthew Rowley, Elizabeth Schuch, Alon Ziv

UNIT Producer:                       Patrizia Mulè

UNIT Executive Producer:       Nicola Kingham