David Reviews: Film Klaxon – Area Boy

Short film Area boy, Sound Designed by UNIT’s very own Hannah Webster, features in David Reviews!

“The title of Iggy London’s new short film, ‘Area Boy’, refers to children, teenagers, and young men who commit petty crime on the streets of Lagos and other Nigerian cities. Part of main character Eli (Joshua Cameron) wants to stay with his volatile gang—the other wants to embrace the structure and discipline of the church.

Writer and director London says: “I want to create worlds which allow us to remove ourselves from our own subject position. ‘Area Boy’ doesn’t resort to cliches or caricatures. It observes Eli as he sinks between conformity and escapism. The film watches patiently, gently, as Eli struggles to find his specific path in life. Our audience will see how it unfolds the way life does.” No word on a release date yet, but expect more information to drop soon.”

Who’s excited for the release?!

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