Short Film
Area Boy


Written and Directed
Iggy london
Produced by
Lorine Plagnol, sungazer production &
Executive Producer:
Alice Ojha
Christian Huck
Mark keady
Rob lewis
Sebastian Goehs
Online Editing
Splice Post


Sound Designer
Hannah Webster
Audio Post Producer
Wil Male

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An aimless teenager, Eli, has moved to the outer edges of a provincial town with his mother.

As he settles in, he tries to escape the bleakness of life and navigating questions of self-identity, by balancing his time between his delinquent friends and the church community.
Torn between two worlds, Eli must find himself and embrace who he truly is.

How we achieved it:

“It was such a joy to work on. I feel there was a lot of trust and understanding between us all creatively.” HANNAH WEBSTER, Sound Designer.

‘Area Boy’ is a short film brought to UNIT by Iggy London about a boy searching for his identity, torn between a gang of delinquents and the church community. Sound Designer Hannah Webster provided sound design and was given creative freedom to experiment. The challenge was creating environments and pushing the atmosphere to match the intensity of the dialogue and the beauty of the music. The trailer is in anticipation for the premiere of the film, which has already been selected for the 80th Venice Film Festival.