UNIT Studios is proud to announce that Sound Designer Hannah Webster is joining as a guest speaker at this years No Fixed Mix Seminar

Hannah Webster is one of UNIT’s hugely talented and passionate Sound Designers. 

Her ability to work in a collaborative way with all her clients to build memorable and emotive sound designs is testament to her intuitive craft and unique sound-scapes.

Her most recent projects include Nike / Vogue ‘Forces For Change’, Tennets ‘Offt’, Short film ‘Area Boy’ and St Mungo’s ‘Last Night On The Streets’. Hannah’s outstanding Sound Design on St Mungos earnt her a shortlisting in the 2023 Young Arrows for Best Sound Design. She has also previously been selected as a Creative Circle Judge in 2022 and has won various awards within the film festival community for her previous work on shorts, including Blood Rites and ‘Burn Out.’

Launched in 2019, No Fixed Mix responds to the stark observation of the underrepresentation of female and non-binary individuals in sound design, the programme underscores the importance of fostering diversity and providing equal opportunities for all. 

By sharing her expertise, experiences, and insights, Hannah will undoubtedly inspire and empower a new generation of Sound Designers to pursue their passions and we couldn’t be prouder that she has been invited as a guest speaker and workshop leader – more news to follow after the event!

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