UNIT work with Atomic London, Ozzie Pullin and Red Knuckle to create Homebase ‘Gary The Tortoise’.

UNIT collaborated closely with Atomic London, Partizan, Director Ozzie Pullin and Red Knuckles Rik & Mario to create the brand new 40sec Homebase TV ad starring ‘Gary’ – a CG animated family pet tortoise unable to contain his excitement as he embarks on a mad gallop around the garden, set to the iconic theme music from the TV series Black Beauty.

Leading home and garden projects retailer Homebase unveiled its new Easter campaign, built around the theme of ‘Grow a whole new Room’ as the retailer encourages customers to stay at home and head into the garden. 

It’s the latest instalment under the Feels Good to be Home tagline which reflects the insight that when our homes feel good, we feel good, and the garden is no exception. With the arrival of Spring, many people will now be thinking about how they can create an outdoor space that they can enjoy as the perfect  place to escape and relax.

Creative Director of Colour Denny Cooper ensured the grade brought out the bright spring tones and natural garden environment.

Creative Director of Sound Chris Southwell also worked with the ‘Black Beauty’ soundtrack further emphasizing Gary the Tortoise’s speedy journey through the garden, using subtle sound design to bring out key moments of this fun ad. 

Check out the full spot here, Idents here and for more PR on LBBOL here.