Casio Edifice Sponsors Discovery


Discovery Creative London
Marcus Jones
Executive Producer
Kevin Docherty
Production Company
Think Make Create
Sound Design
Chris Soutwell
Tom Clapp, Vincent Trolard, Scott Simmonds
Motion Design
Richard Vernon-Smith
Tito Fernandes, Pedro Duarte, Will Davis, Craig Healy

Tags: Auto  Car  Casio  CG  CGI  Chris Southwell  Design  Design Collective  Sound  Sound Design  UNIT Design Collective  VFX 


A stunning piece of VFX work for Casio's new edifice watch.

Director Marcus Jones approached UNIT wanting a treatment based on a F1 car driving around a face of a watch in the style of ‘Tron’. The team were given footage of a Red Bull car with the purpose of compositing it into the piece. However rather than providing a simple treatment with a CG comp, our VFX team decided to do a wire frame previs of a fully CG F1 car onto a clockface. The use of CG rather than a real Formula 1 car enabled more control, design freedom, avoidance of motion blur and increased creative freedom over shooting it for real. It also helped with time and cost efficiencies.

VFX Breakdown