Sami Film


Klaus Thymann


Tania De Sousa
Executive Producer
Phil McCluney
Harry Shelton

Tags: Colour  Colour Grading  Documentary  Harry Shelton  Klaus Thymann 


Deeply intertwined in their cultural identity and Reindeer hearding, Klaus Thymann dives deep into The Sami People story.

“Telling the Sami story serves as a bridge between historical continuity and the modern world, fostering appreciation for their rich cultural tapestry and the challenges they face in preserving it. It encourages a dialogue on the importance of recognizing and respecting indigenous knowledge, languages, and ways of life, contributing to a more inclusive and nuanced global narrative.” Klaus Thymann

UNIT Junior Colourist, Harry Shelton had the pleasure of collaborating on this short film with the expectional Danish explorer, scientist, fellow at the Royal Geographical Society, photographer and filmmaker Klaus Thymann.