Friends of The Earth
We’ve All Been There


Don't Panic
Managing Director
Joe Wade
Creative Partner
Rick Dodds
Senior Account Manager
Kath Lewis
Senior Project Manager + Producer:
Jennifer Clare Houlihan
Senior Engagement Strategist
Florence Auckland
Madeline Charles, Jake Moss, Manuel Fleitas, Alex Allmeida,
Graphic Designer
Ellen Crowther
Production Company
Stink Films
Eoin Glaister
Executive Producer
Blake Powell
Martha McGuirk
Production Manager
Georgia Stamp
Production Assistant
Nellie Heron-Anstead


Denny Cooper
Milo Paterson
Scott Ryan

Tags: 2D  Climate Change  Colour  Colour Grading  Denny Cooper  Earth  Environment  Environmental  Friends  Friends of the Earth  Grade  Milo Paterson  Scott Ryan  VFX 


Friends of the Earth takes on the very modern phenomenon of eco-anxiety. When a woman wakes in the middle of the night to chase down a bin lorry, one might imagine she's accidentally thrown away something irreplaceable or particularly valuable. The truth, however, is much more community-minded.

Director Eoin Glaister handles the breakneck early-hours chase deftly here, as the woman crashes through gardens, houses, and even a fish market in pursuit of her plastic quarry. The reveal inspires a genuine laugh with its abrupt change of tone, and is sure to resonate with anyone who takes their recycling seriously.

UNIT studios worked across colour by our creative director Denny Cooper and VFX by Milo Paterson and Scott Ryan.