Range Rover Evoque
The City That Shaped Me


Accenture Song
Agency Producer
Chante Plom
Agency Exec Producer
Corin Kiddy
Agency Production Assistant
Siena Hobbs
Agency CCO
Brian Fraser
Agency Exec. Creative Director
Mark Lindley
Agency Art Director
Nick Wood
Agency Copywriter
Alex Manson-Smith
Anissa Payne
Editor (Influncer Reveal)
George Messa
Production Company
NM Productions


Bryan Farrar
Senior Producer
Isabella Wakley
Denny Cooper
Sound Designer & Mix
Jamie Thomas
CG Artists
Jaime Fernandez Muro, Richard Nelson, Ben Beckett, Iñaki Gegunaz, Jaroslav Polensky, Nuno Pereira.
2D Artists
Leire Sanz, Pramod Nirwan, Siam Shukoor, Vit Sedlacek
Alec Eves, Fraser Cleland, Rich Watson, Rob Ellis, Ian Baker.
Tom Wansbrough-Jones & Matt Rowley

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How we achieved it:

“This was all about capturing the ‘sound’ of Mimi’s city, from the bustling streets of Soho to the warehouses of East London via Mayfair and St Pauls - it was a challenge to get each part of the city sounding different but yet recognisable.” JAMIE THOMAS, Head of Sound

UNIT provided Sound Design, VFX, Design & Colour for The New Range Rover Evoque campaign featuring interior architect Miminat Designs.

Sound Designer Jamie Thomas recreated the noises of London streets using subtle sonic indicators to show where we are - sounds of the DLR and church bells for the City, horses, birdsong, laughter for Mayfair and a classic London taxi to symbolise the end of the night. Sounds no one would probably notice but which kept the ear engaged.

The UNIT VFX team worked on around 80 shots with various creative approaches dependent on setting, environment and time of day. Jaime Fernandez Muro, VFX Supervisor, initially created a mood film to act as a real-world reference. The VFX team then ensured that compositing had all the necessary requirements for final shots.

Leire Sanz, who led the comp team for Range Rover, managed and supervised a team of compositors to help develop the look and best approach. The interior team specialised in shots focused on the inside of the car, working on the best way to display the beautiful textures and features of The Evoque. The exterior team comped the shots where we could see the car from the outside, placed in a sunkissed loft with views.

The team had to find the right balance between having the vehicle look as if it was shot in a studio to being embedded in the environment to match the light and look of the surroundings. The comp team and talented CG team provided many different elements to allow everyone to be more creative.

The films were created by JLR, Accenture Song & NM Productions.