Rolls Royce Spectre In Motion
A New Benchmark Of Distinction


Rankin Creative
Anders Jedenfors
Alan Traquair


Alec Eves & Rob Ellis
Sound Design & Mix
Jamie Thomas
Tania De Sousa
Exec Producer
Ian Luxford

Tags: Alec Eves  Jamie Thomas  Rob Ellis  Rolls Royce  Sound  Sound Design  Sound Design & Mix  Spectre  Spectre In Motion  VFX 


How we achieved it:

It was a unified effort on this latest project for prestigious brand Rolls Royce and their first all-electric vehicle “Spectre”.

UNIT VFX and Sound were excited to work together to deliver the brand’s luxury films. Flame pushed the urban backgrounds into a cleaner, graphic direction to shift focus on the beautiful cars themselves with sound complimenting the music track to create an atmosphere of a ‘silent car’. This required a lot of tuning/EQ’ing wind and just the right amount of glassy chimes to make it come to life. An arpeggiating synth was used to ramp up the build at the end. A beautiful result for a beautiful brand lovingly crafted by the team at UNIT.