The Sandwich


Director, Writer, Producer
Jonnie Malachi
Matt Prickett
Production Design
Set Sisters
Casting Director
Thomas adams


Tania De Sousa
Post Exec Producer
Ian Luxford
Denny Cooper
VFX Lead
Ian Baker
VFX Artist
Rob Ellis
VFX Operators
Leire Eatock, Alec Eves, Henry Hall
Sound Design & Mix
Jamie Thomas

Tags: Alec Eves  Colour  Colour Grade  Denny Cooper  Henry Hall  Ian Baker  Jamie Thomas  Leire Eatock  Rob Ellis  Sound  Sound Design  Sound Design & Mix  The Sandwich  VFX 


Presenting a tasty treat with a very dark, surreal twist….”The Sandwich” a comedy short directed by our long-time friend Jonnie Malachi. Graded by Denny Cooper, Sound Design by Jamie Thomas and the rest of the UNIT crew.

**not for the faint hearted