The Eyes Of Marge


Directed by
Lily Howkins
Executive Producer
Matthew Lawes-Wickwar
Executive Producer
Marlena Hellebø
Ben Saffer
Will Austin


Post Production Producer
Wil Male
Online VFX Artist
Alex Antonio
Harry Shelton
Sound Designer
Jamie Thomas
Editor (Trailer)
Bryan Farrar

Tags: Alex Antonio  Bryan Farrar  Colour  Colour Grading  Harry Shelton  Jamie Thomas  Offline  Online vfx  Sound Design  The Eyes Of Marge  VFX 


A self-hating social worker traumatised by his sister’s death from domestic abuse, is plagued by phone calls from an unknown woman looking for her dead sister.

A social horror that flips the gender stereotypes of a stalker/slasher film on their head, 'The Eyes of Marge' is currently on the festival circuit.

UNIT provided the VFX, Sound Design & Colour Grading